Welcome to Writing in Public!

Several decades ago, Harlan Ellison set up a table and a typewriter in a storefront window.

As people gathered on the sidewalk outside the storefront, Harlan typed story after story. As he finished each page, he stood, taped the page face-out on the window, then went back to type the next page.

He was writing in public.

This website will display my attempt to mimic Harlan’s exhibition. This is an exciting challenge for me. I hope it will be a treat for you.

As I progress through my work in progress, I will post the latest page, scene or chapter here for all to read, free of charge.

Enjoy watching the short stories or novels grow! And if you like what you see, please visit my website or StoneThread.com to see what else I have available.

To ready my latest novella, Jobs Like That, click that tab in the menu.

To receive future works and watch them grow scene by scene, subscribe. It’s free. You’ll receive an email each time I post a new story installment. It’s more fun to “write in public” if the public is watching. (grin)

Ciao for niao!

Harvey Stanbrough

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Writing in Public!

    • Hi Mary Jo, Not yet, but soon. This page is only an introduction to tell folks what to expect here.

      When I begin, my intention is to write a new short story every day, scene by scene. I’ll write the stories “in public” by posting each scene here for all subscribers to see and read along.

      Each time I post a scene, subscribers will receive an email notification that I’ve posted a new scene.

      Hope this helps.

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